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Dat Nguyen My name is Dat Nguyen. For more than sixteen years, I have built brands people recognize, products consumers love, and businesses fueled by both profit and passion. Whether big or small, companies seek me out for one simple reason—results. My goal is to work with individuals and organizations driven to make a large-scale, positive impact on the world while integrating the powers of design, technology, and business.

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As an entrepreneur, growth and profit are always baked into my solutions. As a designer, my solutions are visually beautiful, innovative, and compelling. And in an increasingly technology-driven world, I aspire to create experiences that are as intuitive and intimate as possible; I make visions concrete, missions contagious, and stories that capture attention and bind people’s hearts and souls to the product, service, or business.

As for the rest . . .

I have worked in a wide range of industries, increased mindshare, and made millions for entrepreneurs and organizations. I was the first employee and creative director for a disruptive technology start-up where I helped to take the company from its humble beginnings to a position of market leadership, profitability, and ultimately, a prosperous acquisition, all within five years. After that, I cofounded a successful creative agency that offered me the opportunity to work with global clients such as Nordstrom, ESPN, Scholastic, Microsoft, (RED), Nestlé, Verizon, and the International Rescue Committee, just to name a few.

I enjoy geeking out with entrepreneurs, technologists, creatives, and strategists. Because I have hands-on design, technical, and entrepreneurial experience, you’ll enjoy geeking out with me too. I am excited by design, art, technology, consciousness, health, wellness, sustainability, education, money, and social entrepreneurism. However, if you and your organization are exceptional and driven, that’s as motivating for me as any specific cause, and I look forward to connecting, collaborating, and helping you achieve your goals.

You can also view my resume here.

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BLA Schwartz
US Cellular
Columbia Pictures
Sony Pictures
NAI Global
St. Francis Restaurant
Brix42 Brewery
Wendell Burnett
Kevyn Aucoin Beauty
Venice Beach Eco Cottages
Publics Hal Riney
Fluid NY
Bully Pictures
Gartner Productions
Chelsea Pictures