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One of the most trusted brands in education and children’s publishing for more than 90 years with a network that reaches more than 90% of schools in the U.S., Scholastic is a trusted resource for parents and educators. My team was engaged to help Scholastic rebrand one of their core properties, uRule, as well as to lead the design and development of multiple co-ventures with their partners, including Columbia Pictures, NJ American Water, The Life Foundation, and The Institute of Medicine to name a few.

As members of the uRule online space, kids can customize their web page to include only content they find interesting: favorite books, sports, music, etc. Scholastic also requested that the basic uRule brand elements of the page be alterable by the user. With this in mind, we developed a logo and branding system that is customizable with a unique “U” image within the logo lockup. This ever-changing logo keeps things fresh, fun, and creative by involving the user in the brand experience.

Working with the Scholastic teams, we also designed and developed targeted campaigns to help Scholastics’ partners build brand awareness as well as provide teachers and parents valuable educational resources. Assets included websites, games, contests, digital and print educational materials, and more. The results were increased brand awareness and activations (e.g. site visits, click-throughs, downloads).

Role / Creative Director, Designer
Deliverables / Website Design & Development, Digital and Print Design