Kristofer Buckle

One of the most sought-after makeup artists, Kristofer Buckle, is the master behind the beauty of numerous Hollywood A-Listers and pop stars. With more than twenty years of experience in the industry, Kristofer developed a vast arsenal of insider knowledge that he decided to share through his luxury makeup line.

I was brought in to help define the brand identity, develop brand guidelines to unify the brand messaging and vocabulary, direct packaging and product design, and build out the company’s e-commerce offering. The latter included overseeing the design and development of the e-commerce website, concepting and implementing digital marketing campaigns, and working with different teams to integrate packaging, fulfillment, and customer service to ensure an elegant user experience throughout all brand touchpoints.

The result was a more cohesive vision of the brand, reflecting Kristofer’s vision and the company’s core product offerings, and an e-commerce business that generated immediate direct-to-consumer sales as well as elevated partner sales channels, such as QVC and Costco.

Role / Creative Director, Brand Strategist, Head of E-Commerce

Deliverables / Brand Strategy & Development, Brand Guidelines, E-Commerce Website Design & Development, Packaging & Product Design

Kristofer Buckle - Brand Strategy & Development, Brand Guidelines